Are You Longing to Feel More Joy in Your Marriage?

We've been happily married for 40 years and are still deeply in love. You can experience FIVE STAR LOVE, too. Discover the real secrets for creating the marriage of your dreams.

Do You Know the Reason Why Love Fades? It's Simpler Than You Think.

The list of common reasons love fades include money problems, infidelity, in-laws, religion, sex, how to raise the kids, and the saddest one of all...we just drifted apart. But these are not the real reasons. They're the symptoms of a more obvious, fundamental problem.

"Many marriages lose their lus​​​​ter for the same reason businesses lose their customers. They stop showing they care."

If That Sounds Too Easy Consider This!

Think back to when you started shopping at a new store or eating at a new restaurant. At the grand opening they treated you like a rich relative. It was like that when you started dating. You treated each other like royalty 

The store, restaurant or couple that continued their royal treatment is likely thriving. The ones that stopped showing they cared are likely out of business or divorced.

Are You Taking Your Partner for Granted?

When a business takes its customers for granted, it loses them to the competition. Relationships are no different. If you fail to treat your partner well, they can pack up their heart and carry their love down the street to someone who does care and gives them the attention they crave.

So, What's the Secret To a Lasting, Joyful Marriage?