About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you and your partner to create the marriage of your dreams by mastering the Ten Habits of Passionate Customer Care 

Dennis and Mary Lou in 1976

Mary Lou and Dennis Green in 1976

Mary Lou and Dennis Green in 2018

We started working together in 1976 and created our first new product, a line of alternative greeting cards. We had so much fun working together, we merged our talents and our dreams and got married in 1978.  We raised our son while forming a product design and marketing company where we invented consumer products together.  
In 2005, we sold our company and retired. But after a few years we missed contributing and being away from the creative flow. We decided to invest our ideas and energy in two areas: helping couples create the marriage of their dreams and helping entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

This website, DennisAndMaryLou.com is focused on marriage. Our business site, 
BigIdeaSchool.com includes online courses to help entrepreneurs turn their big ideas into marketable products.

True Wealth Isn't All About Money
We want you to know that it is possible for a husband and wife to work side by side in a volatile business and still be in love. In the end, love is the one true wealth we all seek. Business is about creating and selling products, but even more, it is about the process of achieving something you set out to accomplish. Yes, your bills need to be paid, but so does the heart.