About Us

We are Dennis and Mary Lou Green
We wrote FIVE STAR LOVE to show you a new way to think about your relationship and bring back the love and joy you felt the day you pledged to stay in love for life.  

This is us in 1976

Mary Lou made this magazine cover to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

Working out at the Wellness Center

Working out together at La Quinta Wellness Center

 Jack Canfield celebrating with us on the success of our Marriage Story book

Playing Golf in Sedona, AZ

We aren’t psychologists or marriage therapists. We are lifelong entrepreneurs. What do they know about marriage? We’ve been married and worked together for 40 years, inventing new products and marketing them to thousands of customers around the world. In the process of working together, we discovered a powerful secret for staying deeply in love. 

What is the origin of Five Star Love?
We were playing golf together one day and suddenly realized a connection between caring for our customers and caring for each other.

Five Star Love is a new way to think about marriage.
We realized that satisfying each other’s needs is a lot like satisfying a customer’s needs. The more you show how passionately you care, the more success you'll experience in your relationship and your business.

True, not everyone owns a business or has had to take care of customers, but we have all been someone's customer, so we know how it feels to be treated well or badly. 

We share common values with customers, too. They include building trust, playing fair, remaining loyal, being honest, reciprocating for what we receive and maintaining goodwill.

Imagine your marriage is a business and your true love is the most important customer you will ever have. Take them for granted and what do you think will happen? Maybe you think your marriage or business is fine as it is. Wouldn't you rather say it's amazing? 

Long-term success in business comes from consistently delivering a great product and following it up with superior customer care. This also happens to be a prescription for staying in love. 

Passionate care sounds so simple, but there’s more to the idea than a slogan. It takes knowledge and skill to demonstrate passionate care. That's why companies spend millions every year helping employees learn how to care for customers. How much do we spend on learning how to care for each other?

Building a FIVE STAR MARRIAGE means “developing a habit” of caring.  Our Ten Habits of Passionate Customer Care show how to put love into action. Mastering these Ten Habits will help you stay in love no matter what challenges you face in your marriage.

Granted, on the surface customer care doesn't sound romantic, but the truth is marriages fail for the same reason businesses fail. They stop caring with passion. 

​We have spent more than ten years studying the works of top psychologists, relationship counselors, marriage therapists and church pastors. We combined that knowledge with our own experience working with thousands of customers from around the world to distill it all into FIVE STAR LOVE and our The Ten Habits of Passionate Customer Care. We Call this "Whole Marriage Insurance."