Our Mission

We wrote FIVE STAR LOVE to show you a new way to think about your relationship and bring back the love and joy you felt the day you pledged to stay in love for life.  

This is us in 1976

We are Dennis Green and Mary Lou Green. You should know right off that we are not psychologists or marriage counselors . We are inventors and entrepreneurs, and we've been married for 40 years and have worked together for 43 years creating and marketing our own consumer products. 

Why are we writing about marriage? Well, this will sound a bit strange, but we were playing golf one day and suddenly realized a connection between caring for our customers and caring for each other. When we looked look deeper into the connection, we found that customer care and caring for each other share common values including trust, fairness, loyalty, honesty, reciprocation and goodwill.

To bring Five Star Love to life and make our customer analogy useful to couples, we spent the last eight years researching the works of top psychologists, relationship counselors, marriage therapists and church pastors. We also examined the best practices of world-class customer service programs.

Finally, we included our own personal experience from 40 years of marriage and from working with thousands of customers around the world. For the past eight years we have used our Ten Habits of passionate Customer Care to stay happily in love and we believe developing these same habits just might work for any couple that wants a lasting, loving marriage.