How Does Your True Love Define Romance?

By Mary Lou Green | Assessment

People who feel unhappy in their marriages often gripe, “What happened to the romance we had when we were dating?”

The list of reasons people give for why their marriages failed include the usual suspects: financial problems, infidelity, in-laws, and disagreements about how to raise the kids. None of these are the true reasons why marriages fall apart. These problems are merely the symptoms of something more fundamental.

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How Well Is Your Marriage Doing, Really?

By Dennis Green | Assessment

The top brass of a Los Angeles radio station told one of their popular program hosts if he wanted to keep people tuned-in, he should talk less and play more music. How did the chiefs know music was more important to listeners than talk? They learned it from the Arbitron® Portable People Meter, a cell phone-sized device that a selected group of consumers carry around with them to report their listening habits. Whether they are driving the car or lounging on the beach, the Arbitron meter tracks their preferences. Nice research tool.

Imagine if you could use a customer care meter to gather information about the state of your marriage. Could you use the data to help you stay in love? 

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How a Golf Game Transformed Our Marriage

By Dennis Green | How to Stay in Love

Years ago, Mary Lou and I were playing golf together. We stopped our cart near a hole, and when Mary Lou reached for the chipping wedge in her bag, she discovered she had left it on a previous hole. She was fairly new to golf, so my first thought was to let her backtrack and look for the club so she would learn to manage her equipment. Little did I know at the time that this moment on a golf course would change our marriage forever.

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