The Secret to Staying​ in Love is Caring With Passion. 
Here's How. 

You will recover the magic in your marriage when you show your partner how much you really want them. Get in the habit of showing passionate care and you will get the marriage of your dreams. Five Star Love shows you how.

The marriage formula is
Give = Get.
"You will get more of what you want in marriage if you first give your partner what they need."

Apply these Ten Habits of Passionate Care and you will get the marriage of your dreams. Learn how in Five Star Love 

Five Star Love couple

1. Assessment

How much do you really know about your partner's true needs? Asking shows you care. Our STOP-START-CONTINUE assessment method helps you uncover their expectations and eliminates the kind of surprises that destroy relationships. 

2. Preparation

Are you prepared to care for your partner with more effort than you are cared for? Getting into the habit of preparing to care helps you anticipate and overcome surprises and annoyances that make you angry. Being mentally prepared also helps you see the many opportunities you aren't aware of to demonstrate care. 

3. Respect

Are you in the habit of showing respect for your partner? Respect is showing your partner that you value their interests, ideas and type of intelligence. It means appreciating their fears, viewpoints and motives. Respect means supporting your partner's desires, worries and judgments and letting them know you love them as they are.

4. Reciprocation

Do you know how to give back, to return the good care you receive? Mastering the habit of reciprocity proves you appreciate what your partner does for you. This is not about keeping score, it's about caring in return. When your partner helps you, giving back maintains equity in your relationship. 

5. Engagement

How much of your time do you give your partner? You can get in the habit of connecting with each other, not letting the demands of job and family pull you apart. A habit of engaging each other keeps love fresh and exciting. Each time you engage with loving words, by touch and with physical gifts, you prove that you like being together.

6. Expectation

Do you give the minimal amount of energy to your marriage, or do you exceed your partner's expectations? When you get in the habit of exceeding your partner's expectations you surprise and delight them. You feel valued when they exceed your expectations, they feel the same way when you exceed theirs. Make a habit of that and you'll reap the rewards.

7. Fairness

Do you play fair with your partner or take advantage of them? Are you doing your part, carrying your load? Turning fair play into a habit builds team marriage and motivates you to be a team player. It stops you from cheating on your vows and taking advantage of your partner’s vulnerabilities. 

8. Trust

How trusting are you, and how trustworthy? When trust becomes a habit, it reinforces your belief that your partner’s motives and actions are true and honest. It provides the strength to believe in the partnership. You build trust by living up to your promises.

9. Romance

Are you romantic? Do you wish for more romance in your marriage? Developing a habit of being romantic makes you more loving with your partner and gives them the confidence that your love is real and lasting. Making romance a habit helps you discover new ways you hadn't considered. It stimulates and inspires you to fulfill each other’s needs for love and affection.

10. Personal Care

How well do you take care of yourself? Do you know how to get in the habit of caring for your own needs? When you get in the habit of maintaining a healthy mind and body you'll build self-esteem. You will strengthen your mental and physical powers so you can meet the challenges of everyday life.

Five Star Love  is whole marriage insurance.
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